A property development company that creates quality
and adds value at each stage of the process

We implement long term vision and design 

Wharfside Regeneration Development limited (WRDL) with our consultants RPS, has been carefully investigating the potential in landfill sites linked with the opportunity of bringing sites to be mined forward for residential or mixed-use purposes. The aim and business plan enables us to work with land owners to identify suitable sites to mine/extract waste, separate out renewables and refill with inert material and consolidate the sites to enable development.

Universal Energy Developments Ltd


Universal Energy Developments Ltd (UED) is a joint venture between Wharfside Regeneration Development Ltd and renewable energy specialists Empower Community Management LLP.

We are developing solar energy sites and helping with power generators and consumers to obtain efficiency and move toward NetZero usage.

UED also covers the regeneration model moving regeneration sites to energy efficient homes.

The Team

The Directors have many years’ experience
in the development of major regeneration schemes throughout the UK.