Trevor Bickers

Trevor R Bickers – Operations Director

Trevor Bickers

  • Experienced property and land acquisitions negotiator.
  • Wealth of experience in dealing with complicated Brownfield Sites.
  • Successful in dealing with planning, and environmental matters relating to site acquisition, planning, building regulations and development to completion.
  • Effective in negotiating with Local Authorities in matters relating to Section 106 Agreements, acquisitions, leases and onward sales.

Trevor has, in recent years, specialised in dealing with complicated, contaminated Brownfield Sites.  He has been a Director of companies developing regeneration schemes using his previous planning and construction experience to motivate consultants and contractors to deliver attractive award winning schemes in the UK.

Subsequent to this, Trevor spent 10 years in the roadside, hotel and leisure industry, acquiring sites for national petroleum companies, then moving solely into the leisure market developing hotels, restaurants, and health and fitness clubs throughout the UK.

Previously he was involved in the commercial and residential sector, prior to moving into building contracting and development.